Month: January 2019


This beer is being brewed and released for the 2019 Rugby 6 Nations.
We thought we’d brew up an English patriotic pale ale and use some unusual ingredients that don’t often get used to make a cask ale, yet also make one damn tasty sessionable beer.
So here we have brewed an approachable pale at 4.0% brewed with 100% pale malt, and a blend of Admiral, Calypso & Citra hops; all brewed to a low bitterness of 15 IBUs. We then used Rose Petals in the boil, and then also conditioned the beer on more Rose Petals and blended wheatgrass juice.

This English rugby inspired beer is a thoroughly clean and crisp pale ale with touches of magic from the rose and wheatgrass.

Enjoy this beer whilst sitting back and watching the magic of the Rugby 6 Nations unfold!

Available only in cask from 28th January 2019

Crazy Brew – Imperial Russian Stout

Clocking in at a mammoth 10.5% abv, this Russian Imperial Stout is a collaboration with our friends at Crazy Brew in Russia.

This is brewed with heaps of dark roasted malts, fermented with ale & champagne yeasts, aged on whiskey oak, and conditioned with coffee. A massive bold stout that just keeps on giving,

Available in 330ml cans only.

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