440ml cansKeg BeerSpecial RangeDEEP FUNK – FARMHOUSE STOUT – 9.5%


We get a lot of joy from blending two or three beers together to make a creation that is better than the sum of its parts. This is a blend of two very different beers which both offer so much and blended together creates something completely unique.

The two beers blended here are:
1/ a kettle soured rye stout bringing together soft fruity notes that you can get from kettle souring and rye malt with some big roasty goodness from roasted malts. But we wanted to brew it the “By The Horns” way of naturally enabling lactic acid bacteria to produce lactic acid in the kettle (a method of souring we have done in the past that makes the resulting beer very unique to that method, and a process we created in-house). This beer had light fruity tartness with soft rounded biscuit roasty notes, clocking in at a giant 11% abv.
2/ Funk, a red farmhouse graf which in itself was a blend of a wild cider & a strong Belgian ale, which offered underlying robust caramel malt notes, topped with wild funky cider fruity tones.

Expect beautiful soft juicy tart notes, with hints of wild fruit backed up with bold robust roast malt flavours. A complete wave of flavour.

Available in 440ml cans and on keg in select bars.


Deep Funk - 440ml cans
Description A funky farmhouse stout, with fruity tartness and robust bold roast malt notes. ABV 9.5% Click here to find out more about this beer. Contains Gluten from Malted Barley, Rye & Wheat.


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